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I know that everyone will not have the opportunity to visit our installation in person, so we had a professional 3D Virtual Tour created for you. It is a little tricky to navigate but once you experiment a little it gets easier. After you open the above tour, I recommend starting with the arrow (play) at the bottom. Next, go to the little circles at the larger pieces where you can then open the audio file of me reciting the poem shown.

But seeing the installation in person is something completely different! I encourage you to make an appointment at Gallery 221 and see for yourself. Here are some of the comments: "Beautiful poems and images! Love how the work moves as you walk by!""I feel like I can relate to a lot of the emotions." "Your vulnerability is incredibly stunning and moving." "Beautiful collaboration."

This exhibit is only twenty-five percent of the eventual completed installation. The longer poems are yet to come and will have horizontal panels for each stanza. Seeing it in person for the first time was amazing. I felt as if our work was finally being shared, as it needs to be. We should never keep our light hidden under a bushel. Creativity is Divine. Sharing that Divine light brings the light to darkness. And these days there seems to be quite a bit of darkness.

So enjoy the experience of Saumitra's art and my poetry, mingled together to help set your emotions free!

(All art pieces are for sale)

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