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Material List and General Instructions

Material List  

  1. Roll of 25 panels, 12 panels with poems on chiffon, 12 panels with illustrations on Satin and 1 panel with title of the exhibition on linen canvas.

  2. 2 stacks of 6 shadow boxes each totaling 12 shadow boxes.

  3. A pack of D rings and screws 

  4. A bundle of 25 rebars

  5. A bundle of 27 PVC pipes 

  6. A fabric steamer 

General Instructions 

  1. Large Panels 

      A. Panels for certain illustrations are marked with a tape that reads ‘TOP’ to avoid 

           confusion regarding the orientation of the panels. 

      B. All Panels are sewn with a channel at the top and at the bottom. Please insert one 

          rebar in the top channel of each panel. That will be 25 panels total. 

      C. Please insert one PVC pipe in the bottom channel of each panel. That will be 25 

          panels in total. 

      D. I want to propose using binder clips and monofilament line to hang from the ceiling. I 

          have not included either of these materials in the art drop off. Please let me know if I 

          should arrange for them and I will have them shipped to the gallery promptly. Please  

          use 2 clips for each panel, each at 12” from each end of the panel.

      E. I ironed the panels before and after finishing them but they might retain some wrinkles 

          from rolling them together and transportation. Once all the panels are hung please 

          use the fabric steamer provided to get rid of wrinkles and fold lines.  

2. Shadow Boxes 

    A. I did not attach any hanging mechanism on the back because I wasn’t sure what 

        gallery 221 would prefer. I have provided a packet of D rings and screws. Please feel 

        free to use them. They can be screwed in directly through the fabric on the wood. I am 

        sorry for this extra labor. Please advice me if you prefer a different hanging 


    B. Any pressure on the fabric in the shadow boxes will lead to the fabric sagging, so 

        please use caution while drilling the screws. 


Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

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