What They’re Saying

Lovely! The recorded messages are a big plus

Rebecca Nagg

Beautiful collaboration.
My favorite: "Volcano"

Terry Travelute

Wonderful and thought provoking. My favorite: " I Will Not Quit You"

Linda Lewis



What They’re Saying

Your vulnerability is incredibly stunning and moving. Never stop creating!
My favorite: Love Is

Kyra Kalodimos

Uniquely beautiful.
My favorite: Too hard to decide

Dan & Janet Martin

Thought provoking.
My favorite: "Gone Away"

Kim Hedrick/Bruce Jardine



What They’re Saying

Greta expression of emotions.
My favorite: "Volcano"

Fred Day

Beautiful and very creative way to show your talents.
My favorite: I love so many!

Karen Gerner

I feel like I can relate to a lot of the emotions,
My favorite: "Affair of the Heart", "Forward Motion", "Love Is", "Disappointment"

Angela Diaz



What They’re Saying

Beautiful poems and images! Love how the work moves as you walk by!
My favorite: "Disappointment"

Ashley Williams


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