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Don't Miss This Chance!

Saumitra Chandratreya's and my art installation, Secret Language of Intimacy was a great success last August & September in Tampa. Although the COVID pandemic limited in-person viewership, the comments of those able to attend were stellar! You now have another chance to experience a bigger and better Secret Language of Intimacy. Bigger because we have added three new poems: True Love and Achilles Heel which are companion pieces you need to see to appreciate; and A Love Letter from Hercules to Iolaus, a 30 stanza fictional letter from Hercules to his lover, Iolaus. This love letter is not for the faint of heart! Better, because it will not only have an additional 14+ panels for the three new poems but it will also immerse you into the sense of intimacy through the spoken words of the poems themselves. In total there will be 15 poems with creatively inspired abstract designs covering 40 fabric panels measuring 4' x 6'. You willed be wowed! The poem, A Love Letter from Hercules to Iolaus is the central piece of this ever expanding installation meant to fill the galleries of the biggest museums around the globe. In fact, we are preparing a proposal for the Chicago Cultural Center to give them the opportunity to install Secret Language of Intimacy for the Poetry Month of April, 2022. So now is your chance to see this wonderful installation before it sets sail around the world. This incarnation will be the St. Petersburg premiere and installed at The Studio@620 from March 13th to March 31st. More details will be forthcoming. I hope to see you all there! If you would like to get a glimpse of out past installation, click here! Love Always, Kevin

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"Beautiful poems and images! Love how the work moves as you walk by!"Your vulnerability is incredibly stunning and moving."


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