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I was able to make an appointment to see our exhibit in person last week. It was amazing! Not only because of the successful culmination of our hard work but also because of the positive reactions from the viewers already. It is both thought provoking and entertaining in its transcription of human emotions into words and visual art. Attached, above, is a short teaser of a video that Emiliano Settecasi of Gallery 221 created for those who cannot see the installation in person. If you are able I definitely suggest seeing Secret Language of Intimacy in person. When you see it in person you get the entire feel of the emotional transference that is intended. Curator, Amanda Poss, and Emiliano have set up a QR code that allows you to listen to my voice recite each poem as you make your way from one poem to another. This creates a harmonious multi-communication effect letting you read, see, and hear each aspect of the installation allowing you to experience human emotion on multiple levels. In this way, it gives us pause to reflect how each of us communicates our emotional expressions and needs to those we have intimate relations with. Don't miss it! It is free to the public, by appointment only thru September 24th. The exhibition hours are limited Monday thru Friday. Here are some links that will help you get there: Appointment Calendar: Click Here Address and Campus Map: Click Here If you have any questions, want to discuss the installation in detail, or to ask that I join you in person, feel free to contact me. Also let us know what you think of the installation. We would love to hear your comments.

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